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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Who knew?

I guess I feel like posting twice in one night?
I work in a job where people frequently burn out.
I've been a nurses aid for five years, in the same hospital.
I don't do this job for the $$$, and really, there isn't any to made as a nurses aid.
I applied for this job 5 years ago to get a break from the daily wife/mother humdrum.
The old farts make me happy and I make them happy.
Instant Karma and gratification on both parts.
But I am getting burned out, exclusively because of my co-"workers".
I work with a lady who is honestly the laziest person I have ever know (besides my "mother") who takes joy in broadcasting that she has been here 3 years less than me and makes $3 more an hour more than me. No problem, I'm not it for the money and she is nice to the residents.
My problem is that the general quality of staff has taken a nose dive.
I now work with other people who skate the line of neglect/abuse.
You say, such is the life/trend of long term care facilities?
The DNS and Head nurse say my ethics and work standards are unrealistic?
I say, don't fuck with my old farts.


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