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Monday, August 14, 2006

UpPrune (because I don't like dates)

My boy is doing good. He didn't have to be admitted to the hospital.
Although his entire nail bed and below is now exposed, the wound is looking much happier. Thank you Cephalexin (except for the diarrhea).

My work angst is decreasing, mostly due to a very uncomfortable rant at staff meeting.
Not much has changed yet, but I feel better now that I opened my mouth (quite big) and some people became very uncomfortable and other people became very interested.
I'm finding that QMM's (quality management memos) are easier to sweep under the rug than a big fat disgruntled mouth (that just happens to be RIGHT) spouting off in a room full of people, that like it or not, have to be responsible.
I don't understand why people who don't have compassion, or empathy choose to work as a nurses aid instead of Taco Bell? The pay is the same! The smells are better! The uniforms are just as tacky!
Of course there is the ever present opinion of my charge nurse (who just got wrote up) that I have an unrealistic work ethic and "care" too much.
I have taken that as a compliment for the last five years.
If my epithet states: She worked too hard and cared too much, I'm OK with that.

My oldest daughter is still visiting her Grandpa in Utah. I survived him, and hear that she hasn't suffered any permanent injuries yet. Although he did make her go to three hours of Mormon indoctrination today...But that may take a few years for the damage to surface. :o)

We are going camping for the next four days.
Whenever we go to Whidbey Island I think of Jo, and collect a few shells for her.


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