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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Neutral, but angry.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an inherent smart ass. I tease everyone about everything, all the time, no exceptions! Everyone gets a nickname like it or not (email me if you aren't sure of yours :o) )
I can't help it.
It's just a part of my personality.
Of course then, I tease my children and boy have they learned to give it back.
It's the best game in the house, a great stress reliever, and often a way, to deal with difficult topics.
BUT Poop on a log, parenting is hard.
One of the decisions I made when I became a parent, with much influence of the way I was raised (ultra orthodox, right wing, my way or the highway, self righteous Mormon) was to always, no matter how I felt about it, allow my children to choose their own religion.
I felt (past tense) I was successful in this.
My oldest daughter chose what church she liked and I drove her to youth group every Wednesday night, and church every Sunday at dark thirty.
I paid/drove/supported her in her winter retreat, and summer bible camp this year. I bought her binoculars to aid her in her search for Jesus (this is the teasing part that was previously mentioned).
My biggest fear in all of this was that my child may adopt the "holier than though" attitude, and become judgmental....Because those things suck ass in general and aren't the attitudes that I want my children (or anyone) to have.
After the she came home from Bible camp this week and after the big fat argument we had tonight, I'm afraid that my biggest fear is coming true.
Even though her postcard from camp, where she drew a picture of herself with binoculars, and said, "MOM! I found Jesus", apparently I tease her too much on this topic.
FOLKS, I have reigned myself in and bitten my tongue to a bloody pulp, because I feel that religion/beliefs are incredibly personal, and no one else's business.
I don't care who/what/why anyone believes in, as long as it makes them happy.
Even when they knock on my door, I let them in, and I give them my time and ear, out of respect, and what my older and younger sisters endured as Mormon missionaries.
I will drive her to youth group every Wednesday, and church every Sunday at dark thirty. I will continue to support her in her religious pursuits.
BUT even Canada and Switzerland get pissed off sometimes.


  • At Sunday, August 06, 2006 12:00:00 PM, Blogger Miranda said…

    I think you may have to explain that you support her in her quest to find meaning in life but that part of being a good Christian (Human Being) is to remember those other hard teachings like that whole loving your neighbor like yourself, turning the other cheek, the parable of the mustard seed, the Sermon on the Mount, etc.

    As a woman I know likes to say, "People really need to read the text in red a lot more closely. Jesus was a radical."

    I am not a person of faith, unless you are including my humanism, but I think that my friend is right about how the followers of Jesus overlook so many of his teachings in favor of Paul's legalism.

    Best wishes in the religious debate in your house.


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