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Thursday, August 10, 2006


In my blogger history, this is the second time, where I have enough extra swirling around in my brain to spew it into internet text twice in one day.
Useless info, but still twice...
But, I feel it is a very very important topic/question.
Why do my dogs feet smell like tortilla chips?
I love dogs enough, and sniffed around enough to know that this smell isn't exclusive to my dog.
Oh, and by the way, Miss Fish, Petunia found a new home.
She was never truly happy with us.
She ran off constantly.
She displayed her discomforts with her surroundings by shitting ALOT and everywhere often, including jumping onto beds to do her duty/doody.
I'm not one who thinks that pets, or any animal, are disposable.
When I get a "pet" I'm in it for life.
BUT, the fish wasn't happy.
From the day when we rescued her from the animal shelter, she made it clear that she had needs that we couldn't meet.
She is a "lap dog", and our laps are in constant motion.
She required a much less active life style than we have.
I.E., go to the lake, the Golden Retriever swims, the wiener dog sinks.
In the two+ years with her, she was the perfect dog in everyway except her lack of sphincter control.
She is with an older couple, Wal-Mart greeters even, who have other wieners.
We have visited and she is content.
I'm happy that we had our time with her and rescued her from the doggy dungeon.
I thought I would be sad, but find that I am happier now, now that SHE is happy (and no more warm doggy nuggets to step in).
Jack the Rat, of the former partnership of :Jill and Jack:, died today.
She, being a fancy rat, who are prone to tumors, and like her cohort, had them.
She lived more than two years, and was a great pet.
She loved riding on our shoulders and eating French fries and Cherrios.
Like Jill, we made her a coffin/box and crayoned our sentiments on it, and had a service.
My life, and my family would be much less without the fuzzy critters we share it with.
But, why tortilla chips?


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