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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The beginning of the end*

*Written in classic Keri melodramatic sarcastic form*
There are those times in life where the world stops spinning for a moment, but your head doesn't.
Your mind quickly reviews every past event.
You face the future with a new respect.
Time is more precious than triple lattes from Starbucks.
Twin A, lost his first, and front tooth today.
(that will surely help his speech issues)
It's in a zip lock baggy under his pillow.
He has his two older sisters tooth fairy experiences to draw from.
My parents didn't do the tooth fairy thing, so of course I go overboard.
The dude thinks it's Christmas Eve.
He's already decided where and what to spend his lost calcium money on.
The boy is going to the dollar store tomorrow, to get more bang for his buck.
He's thinking "army men", and lots of them.

GAWD I love this life.


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