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Friday, July 14, 2006

OCD and apron strings

I've cleaned the entire house, including baseboards, under beds, multiple grout areas (maybe even with a tooth brush, but I plead the fifth) and you could drink out of my toilets.
I've mowed, wacked and weeded everything that I pay taxes on. Twice.
I bought BIG heavy bushes and planted them in an area of my back yard that no one, not even me, ever sees.
She is still at her summer camp? And SeaTac security won't let me obsess in the waiting areas until Saturday?
OK really. It's a big deal. She is only eleven. She has access to a phone, and didn't even call me on my Birthday (I'm STILL younger than Miranda, I love how that works out every year).
But truly, deep down and seriously, I am SO beyond proud and awed at her strength and independence, especially since she is so shy.
It is a service ranch/camp. They perform four hours of "service" each morning before the regular camp activities.
I hear, through my sister about things going on at the camp.
She has moved pipe, graveled an entire parking lot, and has had tasks in the ranch garden.
The girl kayaked. The girl hiked a mountain and camped there overnight. She made pottery. She had to make a speech for fellow camp members about herself.
I am so excited to meet this new person, and hear about all of her experiences, as soon as the *&^%&$# SeaTac security will let me.


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