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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Not 9-5

More "fun" at work.
In the five years I've been employed at this hospital the hardest thing for me was figuring out how to deal with the things I see at work.

I'm not talking about poop, puke, phlegm or any other leaky or spewed bodily fluids. Those things are easily solved.
I'm talking about slow death, pain, loneliness, abandonment and apathetic attitudes of family and/or staff members.
It took me a substantial amount of time, but I finally thought I had things figured out:

  • Residents die.
  • New residents move in before prior residents funerals.
  • Warped waiting lists exist.
  • Care enough to give good care but not enough to have to stop caring.
  • There are good doctors/nurses/aids and bad doctors/nurses/aids. More of the latter.
  • Go home, forget about work, but love your family all the more from what you see.

My favorite nurse:

The one who always stays late, because it is her personal policy that when she passes the night meds, she actually goes into their rooms (not just open their doors without knocking to shove meds in their face in the least amount of time possible like some of the nurses), and sits and takes personal time and care with them. I have never known a more sympathetic and kind hearted person, let alone, nurse.

She never puts her overtime on her time card, because the hospital won't pay for THAT kind of care.

She has worked at our hospital for 26 years.

She is 59.

If anyone at work loves this nurse more than me, it is the residents.

She has gone to her doctor several times in the past few years sensing something was wrong. One of her legs has had bad circulation and was larger than the other.

The doctors told her that it was just because she was fat.

Lost weight! Problems solved! $189.00 per each worthless visit!

She has an abnormally large metastasized lipoma in her abdomen.

Lipomas are usually small, benign and easily removed with surgery...Unless they are allowed to grow and metastasize for years.

She hasn't seen the specialist yet...But she is a smart nurse.

She is only considering chemo...And then, only because she has a dependent handicapped daughter.

I guess I don't have things figured out at work.


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