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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I haven't been working as much, because of my children's Softball/TeeBall schedule.
Our weekdays have consisted of one or two games every night, and practices thrown in, with oldest daughters tournaments almost every weekend.
The season is finally over for everyone but my oldest daughter, because she is on a tournament team (their games don't stop until August and then we still have year round practice, YAY)
My boys Tee-ball coach gave each team member an engraved trophy. Wow, above and beyond! My boys carried them around for 3 days straight, including sleeping with them and polishing them regularly.

I never tire of, "the best game on the entire fucking planet", but my skin and almost 7 year old boys do.
For example:
I had a co-worker ask me where I went"tanning". I said, " it is called tournament tanning and is very expensive with major time commitments." (The thing about sunscreen is that it is bothersome and has to be re-applied and isn't acrylic nail friendly?)
My boys are SO past sitting for two days (three days this weekend for state and seven days soon at the western world series) at softball games.
I've brought the portable DVD player, foamy disk shooter guns, gameboy and 1.4 bazillion other distractions (the most successful were cheap dollar store toys, who knew?)
My second oldest daughter is becoming an awesome score keeper.

The bad news is that strep throat is making it's rounds through the team (STOP sharing the gatorade already!)
The good news is that I've lost my voice and the game WILL go on.

Coming soon: pictures.


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