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Monday, June 26, 2006

Good, bad, often ugly and mostly stinky.

My Golden Retriever is almost 6 years old.
Every summer we vacation somewhere along the Washington coast, and this year we are leaving tomorrow, Yay!
I don't think he will ever learn not to bite (and bite and chase and bite and pounce and bite and chase and chase-bite-pounce, but mostly bite) the waves until he pukes....And subsequently gets the shits for the ENTIRE vacation?
We take ample dog food every time, and always come home with the same dog food because he was too sick to eat...But not too sick to stop biting the GAWDdamnMotherFarting waves!???Someone tell me how to fix this?
(My other dog, a mini daschund, is at the sitter for the week, because, from experience, doggy princesses just don't dig the beachy sand scene (and I totally giggle because she will shit in someone else's house for a mere $12 a day)
(I can't kennel either one, because they were both shelter dogs, and it makes me :'( that they might think they are going back to K-9 prison)

In other news: I got a huge letter/packet, with much technical writing from the district psychologist today.
Twin A's diagnosis has been changed to developmentally disabled.
It was very hard to read those words.
As his "MOM a.k.a., someone who loves his square head squishy cheeks, peaceful soul and every beautiful breath he breathes, I hate this label. I wanted to tear the letter up, but it was to soggy from my eyes leaking all over it.
I KNOW it isn't a correct diagnosis.
I KNOW that he only has academics difficulties because of his severe expressive language issues.
BUT...This is the best route (pushed for by his most amazing speech therapist on the planet, who has taken un-paid personal time this summer to help him so he doesn't regress) because now he has rights under the IDEA laws.


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