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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Foul in SO many ways

On the drive home from my daughters latest softball tournament in Yakima, I had a lot of cramped car time to bond with my children (one of whom was an especially aromatic MVP).
(The team did AMAZING. We only had nine players show (the ultimate short notice, very bad, very angry coach) so everyone had to perform and boy did they. I've never seen my daughter play better in all of her softball years, she worked hard for and deserved her MVP.

Our pitcher pitched ALL 5 games, minus a few innings, and her speed averaged 50mph. HOLY Sweet baby Jeebus in jammies! This is 14 and under ball!
We had two players who chose to tough out (minor) injuries to keep us in the tournament. We didn't bring home the trophy, but the lengths this startup team and first time coach has come in the last few months is better than any plastic dust collector.)
Back to the bonding. I was on the highway driving home after the tournament, when Twin B yelled, "MOM, Twin A picked his nose!!" I looked at Twin A in my rear view mirror, and with his face shocked from the taddling injustice said, "but... I put it back!"
Yes folks, he put the booger back.
And Yes, I had to pull over for the safety of my passengers and other drivers on the road. I'm cracking up all over again just typing this.
These are the days, and Gawd I love this life.


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