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Friday, June 30, 2006


It's only June 29th (unless you take a LONG time writing your blogger post like me and then suddenly it's June 30th).
I'm only six days late in letting the internets know that my babies turned SEVEN.
Seven, as in, YEARS old. Wow, as in, how the fuck did that happen?
Seven years ago, I went to a Mariners game at the no longer existing Kingdome, with ulterior labor inducing motives (they played the no longer existing Toronto Blue Jays and of course lost...Because that's what the Mariners do).

It worked.
Seven years ago, Twin A cooperated and did the vaginal thing, and I forgave his beautiful, square head causing episiotomy, because he was/is just so damn cute.
Seven years ago, Twin B started doing backflips, somersaults and jump roping with his umbilical cord, at the amazing amount of uterine space he had just acquired when his brother left, and had to be born cesarean section, for which I also forgave him, because he was/is just so damn cute.

My defense is that I was at the ocean, collecting massive amounts of sand in my crevices and cleaning it from many other genetically related crevices.
And by DAWG the ocean is much better therapy than blogging...Not that I don't love you, but you don't give me sand dollars.
As always, pictures coming soon, as in whenever the fuck I get around to it.



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