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Saturday, May 06, 2006

I win.

Remember that game you played when you were a kid?
This is Keri style, from just one day.
What's grosser than gross?
Baseball pants, softball shorts, sliding shorts, protective cups, cleats, socks, shirts, hats, visors with sweaty orange dirt, fermenting in various bat bags.
What's grosser than that?
Changing a day Catheter bag to a night one, and the tube gets clogged with bloody/mucusy tissue, that has to be removed somehow by me, followed by the unique fleshy smell of warm UTI urine mixed with bleach.
What's grosser than that?
Reaching behind to do peri-care and the gentle pressure causing an adult to poop in your gloved (thank Dog) hand.
Say it with me folks, Warm, chunky poop.
Welcome to my double gloving world!


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