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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I loove you more, or, what Mothers Day means to me:

It is the completed feeling of a baby snuggled into your chest.
It is being the one, however flawed, that is wanted.
It is hotwheels and mudpie ramps, without caring if a few garden plants got squished in the process.
It is four children and one Mom in a full size bed, talking, tickling, farting, teasing for most of the morning.
It is calling my Grandma, and her words and voice taking me back to the happiest times of my childhood.
It is gagging down burned scrambled eggs and soggy toast, enthusiastically, because my 11 year daughter made me breakfast in bed.
It is waking up a 5am, sitting in my team colored chair, my team visor, and my team colored toenail polish, in 90 degree weather, with a serious sunburn from the tournament games the day before, and being happy that I am there, even though it is Mothers Day and my daughter is warming the bench because of an "attitude".

It is an unexpected phone call from my Dad, who wishes me a happy mothers day, and then asks me to hold out the phone so he can hear the game.
It is the Mothers Day first grade project of Marigold seeds planted in a painted pot that says, "Wow, I loove you".
It is having them and them having me, and nothing much else matters.
It is nothing I planned for, but everything and more that I could ever possibly wish.


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