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Friday, May 19, 2006

Calgon, take me AWaaaaay...

I'm too tired to post about why I'm too tired to post.
(Work is crazy. We have two residents who's families were given 30 days notice about 50 days ago. The astronomical amount of time and care they require, is taking away time and care from other residents and I'm about to go bald from ripping my hair out).
(28 residents, 2 aids and 1 nurse who leaves at 7pm)
(We're talking cuing to pick up the toothbrush, put toothpaste on it, stick it in your mouth, move it around, take it out, spit, rinse, set down the toothbrush...For every task. Don't even ask about taking a shit).
(This is assisted living, not do everything my damn self living).
(I am truly sad that they have declined so drastically, and I'm very frustrated that their extensive needs are affecting the other residents quality of life).
(I've worked here for five years and tonight was the first night that I left (although very late) where I felt like there were needs that were NOT met).
(That really stinks...As in maggoty skunk ass stench).
(Poo on the resident's lousy family members who A: Don't give a shit. 2: Don't exist. C: Are in denial. 4: Are lazy rat bastards. E: Don't care that their Mother/Grandmother/Aunt/Sister is in danger because she isn't in the appropriate facility that can properly address her needs)
(We are not set up for severe dementia/alzheimer patients).
(They are going to fall, or wander off...Or a plethora of many other icky things).
(Dear lousy family members, I am having bad thoughts about you).
(You are teh suck).
(I haven't had time to shop or pack (for 3 people, my daughters are old enough to pack their own bags) for the softball tournament this weekend)

(The cooler is empty)
(I did finally rent a hotel room)
(I have not yet gassed up the gas hog (aka sold my soul) for the 2 hour drive each way)
(Wait...What day is it?)
(Eff You Cee Kay)


  • At Sunday, May 21, 2006 9:09:00 PM, Blogger Phoebe said…

    That is horrible. Unbelievable So, what do you do if the family doesn't come pick them up?
    Sorry this is cutting into your own family life.


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