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Monday, February 13, 2006

Keep out

Y chromosomes:
I panicked when I found out I was pregnant with, not one, but two boys.
Wait? What? I don't know anything raising boys?
I turned to Amazon and read "Real boys", The optimistic Child", "Raising Cain" and other assorted books while I was pregnant.
I breast fed both of them so they wouldn't become serial killers (insert my own paranoia induced compulsions here).
I chose not to have them circumcised because I wanted the decision to mutilate their OWN genitalia, or not, to be theirs.
I didn't allow toy guns or any other weapons (discovered, that they can make their own out of most any household item).
I never allowed television or video games.
I treated them as my just my babies and not a gender.
I learned their unique likes and nurtured them in ways that I thought were healthy.
I allowed the plastic army men, wooden castles, and assorted super hero cartoons (mixed with PBS animal/research videos).
I taught them to resolve their conflicts with words.

Then I throw them into a public school system.
With society/systems and other parents who don't share these ideals.
Who treat boys as something defective that needs to be controlled and fixed.

Have I hindered them?
Have they not learned how to effectively defend themselves because of my idealistic approach?
In my attempts to balance them, have I weakened them against this harsh world?

Who is wrong here?
Should I buy an X-box and long black trenchcoats for them now?
Who is really wrong here?
Maybe I was mistaken all along and should have prepared them according to societies expectations.



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