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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Don't fuck with Mama Bear.

It's not Valentines Day in our house it's fucking CHRISTMAS in February!

We took our boys to an independent evaluator today (an hour and a half drive each way because these facilities don't exist in our area).
Their method was to test/evaluate the boys first and get our input/information second.
BEHOLD...They completely matched.
Twin A DOES have an expressive language problem (of which we are fully aware). He does NOT have any developmental or cognitive issues (also completely aware). His troubles with reading/language arts are only due to his expressive language difficulties (DUH). He is above average in math abilities. He doesn't have any social/attention/behavior problems (Duh again). He DOES NOT belong in a resource class (redundant DUH!). He only requires the speech therapy he is (already, initiated by US) getting and a specialized curriculum.

Twin B does NOT have any speech, developmental or cognitive problems. He is above average in math abilities and average in language arts. He doesn't have any social/attention/behavior problems. He DOES NOT belong in a resource class...And the fact that he was placed there was alarming to them and only proves our point.

A beautiful bonus of this facility is that they have their OWN advocate. Now OUR advocate.
I could kiss this woman (but she hugged me first after hearing our story) This advocate has a son very much like my Twin A with severe expressive language issues. Her son is now in the University of Washington Medical school. She is available for every/any meeting we have with the school with an encyclopedic knowledge of Federal/Washington State rights/laws. She helped me compose a (another letter Thank You again Randy) letter demanding that my boys are removed from this "resource" class by the end of the week.

The confirmation of all of our concerns....The fact that they have previously noted the difficulties our school district (this facility is far outside our district) has with children that don't fit in the box....The knowledge that we are finally on the the right track and getting the help they desperately need...And that we are not crazy in demanding the best for our boys...
Made this the best 3 hours I've spent this year.

The timing is great. Parent teacher conferences for my boys is tomorrow.

(Now if someone could get my 14 and 11 year old daughter to stop the sibling arguing thing, I could die now, a happy woman.)


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