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Friday, January 20, 2006

Itchy US

This has been the hardest year for US.
It has also been the most candid year for US.
Bliss was replaced by indifference.
Things we thought we knew, were things we had taken for granted.
Non-issues turned into controversy.
Innocent questions turned into culpable feuds.
We even agreed to separate, but neither of us were able to make that step.

The reasons?

  • The stress of me going to school full time and not financially contributing?
  • The angst of my husband who feels he is in a stagnant job, while I "get" to go to school?
  • Teens who can, at times, create havoc on the normal everyday?
  • An inherent part of being married for ten years?
  • The intrinsic woes of a combined family?
  • His unavailability?
  • My anxiety issues?
  • The ten year itch?
  • The blame game?

Relationships are hard.

It doesn't matter how MUCH you love someone if you can't accept someone.

"US" is worth it.

"US" is not negotiable.

"US" is You, Me and everything in-between.

"US" is something we can't surrender.

"US" is worth it...Every challenging second.

"US" is good.


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