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Friday, December 16, 2005


It's actually quite a complicated procedure, but with an 80% success rate on the first try as Seattle Reproductive Medicine has informed us.
It also took a good year of soul searching on my part.
My Biology and Psyche classes helped a lot.
The husband and I had to undergo mandatory counseling sessions, as well as my sister and her partner.
It wasn't an *easy* decision, but it wasn't a *hard* decision.
It wasn't one proposed question, but more, a mutual decision.

I'm done with my eggs. SO DONE. My tubal ligation would be one strong argument on the "Dog" issue for me. Thank YOU Jeebus and Dr. Zimmer!
Of course I love my kids beyond reason....But enough please, thank you, and pass the butter.

This sister had a complete hysterectomy at 28 due to severe endometriosis.
She lived with me during that time.
OUCH, imagine all you've ever wanted was children, and then your social system telling you that this was your curse for being homosexual. Then read the news where people throw babies in the dumpster daily.

She lived with me and helped me survive the first few months after my twins were born.
I had very little support other than her.
My husband had to work outrageous hours to compensate for my bed rest, down to one income, and a "whole lotta kids".
One of my twins was very reactive and generally difficult.
She would rock him for hours.
I would breast feed him and give him right back to her.
I KNOW what an awesome mom she is.
My kids would trade me in most days for her.
She is their second Mom (she also spoils them rotten and took them to Disney, Universal, Huntington, etc. This summer...Bitch...).

Adopting is very difficult and expensive for gay couples, they have thoroughly explored that route. Not that money is the issue here, they have tried numerous sperm bank donors at $$$$ a pop with no luck. My sisters partner is older (41, sister 35).
My sister is wanting our family genes because we're just so damn cute. (and I have "young" eggs, hardy harr harr)

If I'm getting a new niece or nephew that is as cute as me and I don't have to wipe their butt or let them suck on me, I'm WAY ahead in the game.
Look at me! I'm basically a Grandparent! Damn straight I will sugar him/her up and then send them home. Oh the payback!

SOOOOooo....YES there will be issues.
I can't predict the future.
I can't answer the questions that will arise, but I can anticipate them.
I can/can't be prepared for the emotional aspect of this (not to mention the hormones I have to take).
And that's all I have to say tonight.
To be continued...


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