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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Will you fix it now DooDoo?

Speech 101
Keri Xxxxxxxx

Informative speech outline:
Protecting and informing society about mullet hazards.

I. Society faces a problem that most think has been abolished. Attention needs to be drawn to this issue now, before the mullet crises gets out of hand as it did in the 1980’s.
A. More personal responsibility with freedom of expression needs to be taken.
B. Consideration of others visual rights.
II. Statistics of mullets compared with alternative hairstyles in 1985 to 2005.
A. Pie Graph 1985: Mullets, Big Bangs, Mohawks. (Visual Aid)
B. Pie Graph 2005: Mullets, Big Bangs, Mohawks, Showing mullets on the rise again. (Visual Aid)
C. The mullet has never been completely eradicated.
D. Proactive steps must be taken to prevent the spread of mullets.

III. There are many different names for mullets. Give names, define and answer any questions
A. The “7”. Illustrate this if necessary.
B. The “10-90”. The amount of hair in front “10” proportionate to the amount of hair in the back, “90.”
C. The neck warmer.
D. Bi-Level
E. Mud Flap
F. Achy-Breaky-Bad-Mistakey.
IV. There are also many different classifications of the mullet disorder; here are a few of the most common types you may witness.
A. The Skullet, where most of the head is shaved, but the mullet is left. This is not very common and only poses a small amount of threat. (Visual Aid)
B. The Femullet, which is simply a female with a mullet. (Visual Aid)
C. The Rat Tail, which isn’t a true mullet, but still part of the mullet family. Rat tails are actually a hybrid of a mullet and are commonly worn by adolescents. This is more common in children than adults. (Visual Aid)
V. There is nothing illegal about having a mullet, but does that make it right?
A. The influence of mullets on children must be considered.
B. Should fines be imposed on mullet wearers for visual pollution?
VI. Some people may think that wearing a mullet can cause no harm, but I have information that may change your mind.
A. A psychology study found that people who smelled of pine got more respect than people who smelled of smoke. I think this can easily be applied to alternative hairstyles.
B. People who choose to wear mullets need to be aware of the negative affect their hairstyle choice may have on their image. The mullet wearer may think that the message they are sending is, “I listen to twisted sister”, when in fact the message society receives is “I sleep with my sister.”
C. A mullet may be all business up front, but it is obvious there is a party going on in the back.
VII. I myself was a victim of a mullet like hairstyle at one point in my life.
A. I want to help people make informed hairstyle choices.
B. I want to protect innocent bystanders and naive mullet wearers.
VIII. If you or any of your loved ones decide to make the break from this painful hairstyle, there is help.
A. Many salons offer free mullet removal (visual aid)
B. It is important to love the person, not the mullet.


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