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Monday, November 21, 2005

Tater Tot

I've got a sicko.
One of my twins has a nasty croupy cough (no fever and otherwise feels fine).
Even if I had a babysitter (my children have never had one outside of family) they wouldn't accept a sick child.
Two weeks left in the quarter, and I can't miss a class.
So my sick tater tot is coming with me.
I don't know if this is against the rules, but I've never been much on rules.
Coloring books, check.
Crayons, check.
Library book, check.
Sorry, Mr. GI Joe can't come as he may disrupt the class with his war mongering ways.
He asked when recess and lunch was.
Hardy Har Har.
Silly kid, I only signed up for recess and lunch!
(I'm a tad bit worried that my life span and development classmates may try to conduct/abduct him for extra credit points).


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