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Friday, August 12, 2005

Y chromosomes

Please, do not bother sending me hate mail, ultra perfect mother who can iron, give blow jobs, make dinner, give birth, fold laundry, unclog toilets and attend PTA meetings all at the same time.

I have a theory.

I am completely enchanted with all of my children. BUT lately, my boys every move fascinates me.
I believe, that because they were one of those "multiple births", that, I loved them of course, and DID bond with them when they were babies, but now that I'm not wiping their butts every 30 minutes, they aren't attached to my breasts and they have stopped that gawd awful needy wail, I am more able to fully able to focus them. Not them. Each one, as a separate individual, not a noisy, poopy, hungry group.
Twin A, scratch that, Devon is so aware of feelings, emotions and consequences. If he steps on the dogs tail, if troubles him greatly. He was angry at my husband for an entire week, for the lobster dinner the husband made, "daddy, that was mean." I couldn't bring myself to eat it.
I, "we" helped my sister move to a new house and there was a tree there that had ropes that were cutting into it's branches. They HAD to go, because Devon said, the ropes were making the tree sad.
He is the first one to hug me when I come home from work, and delights in telling me that I am Boo-ey-foil (beautiful), because he has a pure, tender soul (AND gets kissy huggy tickle snugs from me when he says it). He will be a card carrying member of PETA when he grows up.

Twin B, scratch that, Tanner has 92 freckles on his nose. Recognize that he sat still on my lap willingly, long enough for me to count them. He says that he doesn't have enough numbers for my freckles. He inherited the quiet patience of my Grandpa. One of his favorite things to do, is to go outside and collect seeds with me. For the last three years, we have planted and grown all of the seeds that he helped me collect into envelopes labeled appropriately "Tanners seeds". He loves bees because they make the flowers happy. In the pool, he MUST suck up water through his floaty noodle and blow it into his sisters and brothers face, but never mine, because, "the water hurts mamma's eyes". He delights in "treasure hunting" which means Mommy turns over rocks and logs, and Tanner names all of the bugs we find and squish them if need be.

True, pure, complete joy.


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