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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Softly scented

CNN is currently my homepage, but they have failed me for the last time.
Harry Potter frenzy is the most newsworthy item?
Sure, I watched the movies when they came out on DVD and they were OK, but the main story on CNN?
Iraq? Africa? Rove? Terrorists? George Dubya Twit who is fucking our nation?
That irritates me almost as much as (when I had TV about two years ago) when television"news" programs would talk about other television shows (oh the pathetic irony). Irritated me so much in fact that not only did I change the station, I no longer allowed the insult of mind rotting television in my house. PERMANENTLY SHUT OFF.
It hasn't been missed, even by my children (I can watch the Mariners lose on-line).
Dear network television and massive news conglomerates,
I realize that you may be the whore of our dumbed down society, but if I want to read about Harry Potter I would buy the book and/or go to the website. If I wanted to watch survivor or American idol I would change the channel and do so. You must recognize that if you need to talk about other television shows on YOUR television show, your producers need to be fired, right after their frontal lobotomy. "We are really not that interesting and/or creative, so watch THIS program!!".

MWF seeking new homepage.

In more important news, Twin B tells me that he likes to hug me because I smell "soft". Put THAT on CNN and it would be an improvement.


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