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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

As long as I'm living...

All of my children are amazing and unique in their own way and identities.
They each have their strengths and weaknesses, just like the rest of us.
They each commit some sort of act, DAILY, that makes grateful that I have a uterus.

Twin A, has such a soft heart that I sometimes worry about him and his future dealings with the harsh (mother fuking kick your ass society) world. He is six, and already worrying about Petunia (the poopmeister) and me missing him when he grows up. (I had him sign in crayon that he will buy the house next door).
But...for now, I am truly and selfishly enjoying his ever so sincere heart.
You know that book, that makes every mother bawl their eyes out? Yeah that one.
I read it to my girls until it was worn out, so it never got read to my boys.
Last night, we were watching a movie and Twin A walked up to me (with his dangerously long eyelashes) and asked if he could sit on my lap.
That right there is sweet enough it should have a Diabetic warning label.
I said, "Of COURSE, twin A!! You can sit on my lap anytime, even when you are as big, hairy and smelly as Daddy".
Twin A responded, "when I am as big as Daddy, you can sit on my lap too".
No, I will not rent him out. Get your own.


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