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Thursday, June 23, 2005

No apologies

My religion professor had a great analogy. Everyone has their own personal set of values...But when the boat starts sinking and you have to lose some weight, you find out what you are willing to toss overboard and what your true core values are.
Not too surprising, I am unable to tolerate discrimination....Unless you are a pedophile, abuser and/or George Bush (cuz he can jail my patriot Pangaea ass and as of today bulldoze my home).
Because of *you* I will never be able to work in the ER here again, because I am unable to suppress the legitimate need to stomp your abusing face into the sterile floor.
Values:1 Job:sorta.
Now if I have to become a waitress to support my family, I pray to the empty ceiling that some pregnant person walks into the restaurant and orders alcohol....
Because I've always wanted to paint the lines on the road.


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