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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Art, please don't exhibit me.

WTF was I thinking when I signed that paper?
Sure...There was pleading and MAYBE I'm the mother...
I don't DO field trips!?!?
(OK, I've done all of them, but none recently, in fact, the last one I was obliged to attend was the Seattle aquarium......Everybody just clam down).
Recently, ultra hermit hood has taken control, except for MY schoolings...Not the CHILDRENS.
In the very least, people may *look* at me...
At the very worst, they may try to *talk* to me...
Holy fucking mother of baby Jeebus.
Maybe I'll fake like I don't speak English.

Why am I awake at 1 something AM when I have field trip duties tomorrow/today?
Because. Because DeNILE is my favorite river to raft.
That's why.
Because, the way I deal with stressors is to pretend like they don't exist until they KICK my Pangaea ass all over the playground.
....I haven't EVEN gotten to the, "what the fuck am I going to wear" stage.


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