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Monday, April 04, 2005

13-30, do the math.

It was much more difficult than we had anticipated.
The thirteen year old daughter chose to go to Utard for her spring break.
This means she flew ALONE (cuz mamma ain't gonna do dat shit).
On an airplane.
Without me.
The mother.
Umbilicus painfully stretched.
ALONE, save her mother supplied anarchist bible and cell phone.
Utard, where all Ms.Chievous family members reside with their magick undies.
It was all fine and good and much teasing was brought forth...
That Dog Damn Mother Fucking Plane taxied to the gate.
Braveness left the airport, without security clearance, by means of the Ivar's Salmon Chowder that had previously occupied both our stomachs*.
Oh SeaTac...Why doth thou taketh my daughter and maketh me take my shoes and coat off?
Last I heard, she was at Temple Square (trying not to be square, on conference weekend no less) with her Grandpa.
As a good mother does, I brought forth much text messaging against indoctrination.

Be it 13 or 31, she is my baby, my first baby, we grew up together.

*To be repeated on the flight home.


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