Brain Barf

May contain traces of nuts.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

We are SO related.

I personally like to believe that the heart is very similar to the brain. Meaning, that there are certain areas of the heart (soul) that have multiple functions.
This explains why my heart aches SO often.
There is a HUGE chunk is missing.
I miss my nieces and nephews terribly.
They moved (abandoned) to the sovereign state of Utard last year.
Why anyone would leave the holy land known as Washington is beyond my reasoning abilities. you can clearly see....we are very much related.

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I miss you Ms. Fig Newton. :o(

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Loose end screws

The 13 year old has taken to hugging me, almost every chance she gets. I'm sure I don't need to explain how odd that is.
The 10 year old is, as usual, undisturbed in her own blissful lala world.
Twin A is acting out in Kinderfarten and even wet his pants Tuesday, something he has never done since he was potty trained at 2.
Twin B is mopey, clingy, his appetite has decreased and he wants nothing more than to sit on my lap.

-Intermission-In the movie "Meet the Fockers" there is a dog named Moses, I'm totally suing.

What is this word "goal"?
Letting the, and the laundry rot is one thing...and I desperately don't want to quit school (because I'm kicking ass ((of course)). I am just wondering if the price is too high right now.
Does the ends justify the means.....when the big meanies will never be babies again?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

If I was $2.65 a gallon, would you pay for me?

when windows become mirrors
when the facade fades
remaining truth is empty

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh Brother...where art thy brains?

She is now in Moab, in the care of this dude.
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Lard...bless us and be with us in these times of Spring Breakness.

Monday, April 04, 2005

13-30, do the math.

It was much more difficult than we had anticipated.
The thirteen year old daughter chose to go to Utard for her spring break.
This means she flew ALONE (cuz mamma ain't gonna do dat shit).
On an airplane.
Without me.
The mother.
Umbilicus painfully stretched.
ALONE, save her mother supplied anarchist bible and cell phone.
Utard, where all Ms.Chievous family members reside with their magick undies.
It was all fine and good and much teasing was brought forth...
That Dog Damn Mother Fucking Plane taxied to the gate.
Braveness left the airport, without security clearance, by means of the Ivar's Salmon Chowder that had previously occupied both our stomachs*.
Oh SeaTac...Why doth thou taketh my daughter and maketh me take my shoes and coat off?
Last I heard, she was at Temple Square (trying not to be square, on conference weekend no less) with her Grandpa.
As a good mother does, I brought forth much text messaging against indoctrination.

Be it 13 or 31, she is my baby, my first baby, we grew up together.

*To be repeated on the flight home.

Friday, April 01, 2005


I have a decision to make.
The word "decision" seems grossly inadequate.
Life altering.
MAJOR emotions involved.
So complex and enormous I won't even fully comprehend the consequences of my decision until after its made.
Although my decision will deeply affect ALL that I love, and I will seek the advice or those closest to me, it is such a deeply personal decision that I have to make it based on my own truths. It is ultimately ME who has to live with my decision.
I haven't told ANYONE yet. Not even my sweetloveybuns.
I apologize for being cryptic...wait, no I don't, this is my fucking blog.
On one hand, I want to throw it out there to relieve some of the pressure, but on the other...
I'm not sure I want opinions on a decision I will have to make from my pure soul.'s that big.
I want to...but I'm selfish.
I don't want to...but am I selfish?
I feel like I *should* but it terrifies me.
Am I selfish or is my selflessness being preyed upon?
Would I ask this of anyone else?
Why shouldn't I?
Why would I?
How can I not?
It's really beneficial that any time my brain approaches this topic, my eyes leak and my heart hurts and mental functions halt.