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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The hoebag from hell English teacher is no longer allowed to teach English (if 3/4 of the class fails, is that really teaching?) . I am working with the department head to get my grade changed, because "it" won't return phone calls, emails and has slammed "it's" office door on my fellow students. "It" didn't fail me, but "it" might has well have. I'm too embarrassed to even type what "it" (unjustly) gave me. Out of every (8 fucking million) assignments she gave (after changing the syllabus 3 times and having no assigned point system) the lowest single grade I got was a C-, and that was only once on a pop quiz. Everything else was A's and B's. I'm guessing "It" didn't like my honest papers and took it out on my grades. The irony is, I spent more time on her (busy work) homework than my other two classes combined and I didn't learn a damn thing in "it's" class. To all of those English teachers out there....TAKE YOUR MEDS!
Oh well, in my other two classes: I got a 3.9 and a 3.8.
15 credits this quarter? 5 of them being in my weakest subject? Drive back and forth to the school (1/2 hour drive each way) twice a day? Still work on the weekends? Four kids? Good thinking Keri.
I'm here physically...Mentally I'm WAY gone.


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