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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Fat Albert

When I can catch and overpower one of my boys, I like to play a little game called "baby back ribs." This includes me singing the "chilis" baby back rib song.
OK, I play, they suffer.
It consists of me tickling and gnawing on their back rib area until they plead urination and/or say "you're the best Mommy on the planet."
Today, I ensnared Twin B, of the destruction team known as "Twin A&B destruction company".
I don't know if my approach tactics were flawed, or if they are just getting wiser and stronger (make note to stop feeding them), but I got a fat lip.
Angelina Jolie has nothing on me tonight.
It may come in handy tomorrow when I have to suck face with a manikin to re-certify for CPR.


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