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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Normally when the Missionaries knock on my door, I have a snappy, sharp witted response prepared (i.e., I guarantee you are wasting your Mormon time with me, but I'll be happy to feed you and try out my skills at de-conversion).
Today when they knocked on my door, me and the husband were "napping".
Kids started freaking (MISSIONARIES! MOM MISSIONARIES!) dog bells were going off, me groaning (not in that way you sicko, more like dogdamnmudderfudgersit'sSunday.. thedayofrestandotherbedtimeactivities).
So I stumbled out of bed, unlocked our bedroom door, kicked a few kids and dogs out of my path and opened my front door.
I was wittless, wittfree, wit had abandoned ship. "We are contacting all of the in-actives on the members list..." My normal response would have been something along the lines of, "Oh, I'm not in-active, I worship (something) at least three times a week). I said....""
All I could think of was, I had sex hair and please don't let that drip down my leg.

Whatever....You love my blog.


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