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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Brownie points -284

The latest un-ethical antics of the Bi-Polar Hoebag English Professor:
She gave us a "pop" assignment, due before our final grade.
"Write an Essay on English Comp. Discuss such things as course content (including all chapters and readings) and how you felt about them and how they should have been taught. Include journal writings, student responsibilities and conduct, the structure of the class and the pros and cons of the ITV system. Include at least one paragraph on how you would have taught the class. Use specific examples. etc..etc..."
So let me get this straight, I'm the student, you're the "teacher" and you want me to tell you how you should have taught this class? And then you are going to grade me on my response....wait...what if I'm honest about it? Hmmm...oh well, what the fuck.
A few students contacted the ethics officer of the school. The majority of the class did not turn in the essay.
Me being me, I laid it all out and turned that sucker in. Any points I may have received by turning it in were surely lost, and then some, by the HONEST content of my essay.
I'm sure she'll be fair......ohmygawd that was funny.


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