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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I triple dog dare you to answer these.

1.) If I had to wear my philosophy of life as a motto on a t-shirt, what would it be? THIS is the moment.
2.) When was the last time I experienced joy? Not just pleasure, JOY? For me this is easy, I get pure joy from my kids all the time.
3.) Is there anything unfinished in my life that I'm willing to walk away from? Yes, but I can only think of one thing and I did WAY more than my part. I can't control others.
4.) Am I inhibited by fear or failing? I have been, but now I just strap a snow plow onto my chest and trudge ahead.
5.) If I were able to take my 10-year-old self out to lunch, what would he/she think of me? I think she would say, "you mean that's it?"
6.) Do I believe in God and or I have spiritual beliefs that are truly my own, not someone else's? I do not believe in the standard "Christina doG". I don't profess or try to know things that any human can't possibly know. My beliefs, or lack thereof are absolutely unique to me.
7.) Have I made a home for myself or am I still waiting for my Real Life to begin? What's keeping me from saying this is my Real Life right now? I have a home, and real life wakes me up everyday at 6:15.
8.) How do I envision myself at age 60 and what would I like to look like? I'll be wrinkly and crotchety and I can't wait to give those nurses hell!
9.) Am I living my life for an audience? If the audience is my family, yes. Any other audience would have asked for a refund by now.
10.) What can I do about the people I have disappointed and been disappointed by in my life? Deal with it, people fuck up. I do have limits though.


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