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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'd like to welcome Buford.

Confessions of a 30 year old hermit.
I wear my sunglasses at night (because I grew up in the 80's, fuck off).
I have a HUGE zit on my ass (named Buford).
I poked a badger with a spoon (original sin, eh Eddie?).
I ate Vienna sausages when I was 10 (because I ran away to our well house, and I was going to survive solely on them).
I don't care how bad Vin diesels movies suck, I still watch them (its the voice, the pecs and the abs that matter here, not the talent).
I have touched up my toenail polish instead of completely removing and redoing it before (yes I'm sick).
I let my Golden Retriever sleep on the foot of my bed, but not my Daschund (strictly for the heat value).
I drank Busch Light beer....Twice...oh my dog...the horror (I can't justify these actions).
I have roots. That's right, I've gone too long without coloring my hair and I have roots (I'm such a trend setter).
I don't post enough at the fruitstand, like Schmoe says, "I hit and run" (because I'm so damn shy).
I wear white after labor day (oh, get fucking real).

I have listened to Eminem (because I'm a 30 year old nerd in age denial).

I thieved a "big roll" of toliet paper from a "Wendy's" before because I didn't have any (those last forever!).

In conclusion. I really want to wish all of my friends, Brian, Brian, John, John, Tim, Jo, Joe, Joe, Schmoe, Pheobe, Bard, Ms.Banana, Ciara, Dumpster, Dig dug, China man, MonRow, TS, Monti with an "E", Kristen, Tom, Jason, Ryan, Raymond, Jeff, Jen, Kat and all of those I've momentarily spaced...

And my family, you know who you are and I'm not going to list you...

A Very Happy Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate it or not. With a large side of Tofurkey! :o)


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