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Friday, September 10, 2004

Don't read this.

Dogs are NOT allowed on !leather sofas!
Then Petunia came along. She was SO skinny and sickly that I didn't even know if she would make it night to night when I got her.
Petunia was allowed on !leather sofas! because that just happened to be where my ass was perched at the time, and she really needed to be my lap dog for the first few months I had her.
Moses was still not allowed. OK, OK shut-up already, I'm not open for criticism. Petunia is 9.5lbs and doesn't shed and Moses is 72lbs and I have to swiffer obsessively. Big fucking difference folks.
So last night, (maybe it was 2am, maybe it wasn't) I get home from going out with Radiology, phlebotomy, DNS, nursing, staffing a PA and one doctor, and there is my sweet little Hairy ass (Moses) laying on his back......drooling.......sound asleep.......on!!LEATHER SOFA!!
I kissed his furry mug. I covered him with a little blanky.
Apparently, dogs ARE allowed on !leather sofas!

Dinner tonight, in my never ending emotional struggle with sustenance, was blackened Salmon (holy fucking orgasmic yummy) and broccoli. If you ask nice enough I will consider giving you the recipe (pronounced Ree Sipe).

I am determined. I had a moment. I have great inspirations. I think I will be attending PA school at the You Dub.
With my sonic ear 1000 I heard rumblings of an author name M. Scott Peck M.D.. I picked up a book of his at the library the other day. "Denial of the soul."
This book combined with an amazing conversation with a PA friend of mine, has motivated my anti-social, nerdy and pathetic ass.

Today was the "mothers" birthday. I didn't call. I feel a smidge guilty.
What the hell? I told you not to read this?
PPPppppppppp Ciao.


  • At Saturday, September 11, 2004 7:29:00 AM, Blogger doug said…

    "Denial of the soul", I love that book, read it 3 times, excellent read Keri, especially for people in the medical profession. Forgive my gushing over a “book”; it is just a book after all. But when I read it, it meant so much to me because of the things I was experiencing at the time. I am excited that you are reading it because I love your take on things and I want to know how your mind bounces off it. If you hate it(especially after I have gushed over it) please, please still tell me your thoughts. I won’t care if you hate it, it’s the subject matter that matters and I am very curious what others have to say about death.

    Favorite collection of words for the day - (holy fucking orgasmic yummy)

  • At Saturday, September 11, 2004 12:35:00 PM, Blogger Jo said…

    As usual OTFLMAO! batting eyes....could I please have the recipe?

    Denial of the Soul...another book to add to my collection, thanks alot. >:(

  • At Saturday, September 11, 2004 1:16:00 PM, Blogger none said…

    I just had to read this. Maybe I have some obsessive compulsive stuff in there.

    Anyway, I can identify with this. Had up to 6 cats one time.

  • At Saturday, September 11, 2004 1:28:00 PM, Blogger Ann said…

    Your dog story was SOOO funny. Our golden, Cindy, was also not allowed on the furniture, and she NEVER got on the furniture. Unless there was nobody around, and then she sat wherever she wanted. And when we would we see her sitting on the furniture, we would chastise her. "Cindy, get down! Bad dog! Baaaaaad Dog!" And Cindy would get down, and hang her head in shame. And she wouldn't get on the furniture again. Until we left the house again.

    Boy, do your dog stories bring back memories...

  • At Saturday, September 11, 2004 8:00:00 PM, Blogger Phoebe said…

    My SIL is a PA. Great job. Cool people are usually attracted to that one. Good luck; I hope you do it.


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