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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tie Chow Ski

My Dad used to tell me when I was little, that he could tell what kind of mood I was in by the music I chose to play on the piano.
Do I even need to mention the obvious -with most of you knowing that I grew up Mormon in Utah- that I took piano lessons? (don't make me get out the 'mother daughter hand made matching ankle length dresses') Yeah, I didn't think so.
It really does substitute as therapy for me sometimes, just to sit down and pound it all out on the keys. I can resolve things right then and there sometimes.
I can go for months at a time without playing, but tonight I have aching fingers and a satiated, content, weary soul. Those ivories (I don't even dare mention the ebonies) took a smackdown from me tonight.
I gave up on sight reading a few years ago, and I mostly play by ear now, and that's more my style anyhow.
I play the drums too. I've been away from them for a bit too long, but a co-worker of mine shares the same percussional passions as I, so I hope to get back into it more soon.
So this is my solution to the audio blog thing. I can't promise that I will ever be brave enough to post my voice on an audio blog, and I can't hear yours because of my Moses and his chewing fetish. So what if I posted me playing? Would that count?
I can't guarantee that I won't screw up, or that you wouldn't hear me giggling in the background, or even that I will really do it, but how many points do I get for the thought alone?


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