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Friday, August 13, 2004

Gazillion is a real word.

I make no claims to accuracy, this post is based on pure emotion.
I got a call from my oldest sister last Thursday with instructions to blackmail, bribe, plead, beg, borrow my way out of work for this past weekend for a get-together in Idaho at my Fathers because there would be an un-precedented amount of siblings there at one time.
I did it, and I owe, I off to......well you know the song Dopey.
I drove 7or 8 or whatever hours. I arrived at my Dad's. I did the obligatory huggy family shit. I got the key to my cabin. I planned on the standard fake happy family crap for the weekend, and boy oh boy did I get more than I bargained for.
I haven't seen my Dad in about two years. His current wife doesn't care for me much. My dad (he's my dad!) misses us. He has regrets. He went head over heals (intentional typo) trying to make up for his past mistakes. I personally am way past his mistakes because I've been too busy making my own, but what a scene, him giving a shit. KodaChrome moment.
He went way above and beyond and gave us all cabins, and planned a rafting trip, and bought us tickets to the local outdoor theater for the show, Allocating Annie".
But the main event for me, that will be permanently pressed in my mind is the rafting trip. I've gone rafting before, but that was all before I signed my "hermithood" papers and I got old.
As of this weekend I may have my hermit status revoked. Fuck it all I'm still old but still kicking.
I naively boarded the raft in "Banks" Idaho with 6 of my siblings, half siblings and step siblings and my Dad. I sat on the very back left of the raft (pardon professionals, I'm sure there are correct terms for this) and I opted for a life jacket even though it really messed up my tan lines.
The first rapid was fun, a little bit of an eye opener and I had a "conversation" with my dad about the remaining trip. Then we floated over a car. That was very comforting. In all it was about an 8 mile 2 and 1/2 hour trip, but let me cut to the chase....the very last rapid, AMF I think it was called, was great we were vertical at points, and then I thought it was over, it looked over, and I started back to paddling.
I'm in the water. I can't breath. I keep getting sucked under. Here comes another wave of water, and here I go under the raft. Who knew I liked oxygen so much? I'm resigned to swimming with the fishies, my chest is on fire and bursting, but all I can think about is my family......I'm sorry I fell off the raft......don't be mad and I tried........................................... ----------------------------------------------------------
There is a big strong hand hauling my ass out from under and into the raft. My dad. I still can't breath. I've swallowed alot of water, I still can't breath. Epiphany. Much later I finally breath, and I sob at the same time.
I have a moment. I realize that any time in my life that I have been that far down, his blue veined, huge, strong hand has been there for me. I love him.
In true Hunsaker fashion, as soon as I semi-recovered, my dad says, "you were fine, I wasn't worried about you, but then (my daughter) started looking worried and so I had to pull you in for her sake.
Take this Daddy-0. I'm writing you a letter, not an e-mail, not a voice mail, and I'm telling you how much I've learned at my job, that today is the day that I need to tell you how much I love you. Didja hear that un-spoken word in our family? LOVE. I ell oh vee eeh YOU. Take that, smackdown Dad.

My arms aren't sore like I thought they would be from rowing, but my thighs are SOOoo sore from gripping the raft that I walk funny, and I should post a pic of my right leg from hip down with the bruising and scratches and my missing toe-nails from getting my ass kicked by the Payette. My 16 year old step brother had to swim for the oar and my Teva that I lost. I'm pathetic, but Life is LIFE and it is so good.


  • At Tuesday, August 17, 2004 8:54:00 AM, Blogger Miranda said…

    Um, ix-nay on the photos of your missing toenails.

    But, what an interesting trip. That must have been so scary, being underwater like that. With all the craziness from you mother, it must have been very nice to have a supportive parent around.

  • At Friday, August 20, 2004 12:47:00 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Nice trip to have all the family together. Missing toenails, huh? OUCH. One of my favorite things is to river raft. I am jealous. Doesn't look like we are getting a vacation this summer. sigh

  • At Sunday, August 22, 2004 3:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You make near death experiences sounds so enviable!


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