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Friday, July 09, 2004

Indigenous People.

I moved from a very large town (near Seattle) to a very very small town in eastern WA for multiple reasons a few years ago. There are more churches here than I ever saw in Utah, although different and various religions. I never fail to be shocked and awed at the "indigenous people" here. I don't mind a few missing teeth here and there, (summer teeth, some are there, some are not) or the wide spaced eyes and odd facial features due to in-breeding, but the mindset or lack there of, never ceases to amaze me.
Let me clarify that I, in no way shape or form, think that I am "better" than any of these folk, but I did have quite the culture shock when I moved. This explains my agrophobia. :o)
This all came after some very in-appropriate comments, in my view, from a co-worker of mine. This is a woman that I have worked with for 3 years and greatly respected. She felt that "faggot" was a completely acceptable term all in the name of Jeebus. She went as far as "condemning". Yeah, that didn't go over so good with me. I rarely speak my mind and position on things unless it is just too painfully painful and obvious. Let me just say that I rocked her small little world. Just when she thought that she had wrapped her mind around me, I threw in the Atheist card, to negate her hand. All in all, not very good working, co-worker topics.
Now, I have no aspirations to ed-mah-cate the masses, but she did apologize to me the next day. She is an immigrant from Germany and freely admitted that people there are much more open minded about such topics, and that she has just lived in the US for too long.
Check. Check Mate.


  • At Sunday, July 11, 2004 8:52:00 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Summer teeth????? LOL heeeeeeee

    It's nice to work from home. I don't have to deal with all the people. I have some friend/coworkers whom I will drive in to see for lunch now and then. We have our own little debates all the time and I think how nice it is to not have to deal with that on a daily basis.

  • At Monday, July 12, 2004 12:19:00 AM, Blogger Brew said…

    Just testing, to produce warm fuzzies.

  • At Monday, July 12, 2004 10:47:00 AM, Blogger Dave said…

    The nice thing about stupid people is that they can be wide open books for certain life lessons. Not always, of course, but occasionally.

    Good story!


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