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Sunday, July 25, 2004

I'm in love with another man.

I'm an aunt again!  Everett Jay 9lbs 20inches on July 20th with RED hair!  His name comes from the book "The Brothers K", and he has won me over. He makes me ponder so many things.
What can a baby only a few days old dream about?  I've tried Breast milk, it isn't that great?  All the hours that I stared at him, and kissed his tummy and neck and feet and back and and and, (and really, I didn't mean to wake him up)  newborns have this neverending REM sleep, one minute they are smiling and the next crying in their sleep.
I just have to believe in life after death.  Have to.  Choose to.  Want to.
I haven't smoothed out my Dog (god) Issues, or Higher power or Creator or any of that crap, but I choose to believe in an eternal spirit/soul, or to quote a very wise man whom I hope doesn't mind,
"We can create electric or magnetic fields that persist and the regenerate each other thats how a lightwave works electric and magnetic fields oscillate driving each other. Well our brain is basically a big electrical generator, impulses running back and forth and over and around generating these fields around us all the time maybe what we are, what our "soul" is, is tied up in a pattern of electrical fields and what if that keeps going after we "die" and if it can then electrical fields should be able to intertangle intertwine merge and unjoin."
"I dont think that there is some supreme being on a throne looking down at us, I think its more along the lines of all of us make up part of a bigger whole. If you break matter down to its smallest components, you basically have a nucleus, electrons and protons. These particles are basically energy it just appears solid to us because of its vibrational rate (the slower the vibration, the more solid an object appears). Now the first law of thermodynamics states that 'Energy can not be created nor destroyed'. Judging that our thought processes when measured are electrical impulses and once again, part of the greater electromagnetic spectrum this would imply that taking the 1st law of thermodynamics into consideration, immortality is something we already have in front of us, we just might not understand how to use it or channel it. Seeing as how good and evil are merely just a matter of perspective anyway I think that the important thing is that we all act in a way that furthers us all. But that's just my take."
That works for me.  I think it can also explain how you can intensely love someone who was just born, or whom you've just met.
Now I'm off to fashion me a nice little tinfoil hat.... ;o) 



  • At Tuesday, July 27, 2004 8:19:00 PM, Blogger Jo said…

    awwwww he sounds so sweet. It is truly amazing, isn't it? Absolutely amazing how life goes on and on. I have more to say but no time. More later.

  • At Wednesday, July 28, 2004 7:56:00 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Good thoughts. I am constantly pondering the whole concept of life. It's just amazing. I hope there is a life after death but only if it's calm and peaceful and happy. It tires me to think of being reincarnated and placed back on this earth to go through life again. Even if it is as an animal or some other creature. It saddens me to think after this life, though, that's it, it's the end. It's just all so amazing and mystical to me.

  • At Friday, July 30, 2004 7:14:00 AM, Blogger Dave said…

    I think eternity is an amusement park, and this is just one of the rides.

    I really enjoyed this post, MC. I wish you wrote more at cherry...


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