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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Petunia & Moses....Deep thoughts in side.

You say you don't see the connection? Welcome to my world!! :o) Moses is my 4 year old Golden Retriever and Petunia is my 3 year old mini-dachshund. I got Moses as a puppy, but I just got Petunia 2 months ago from the local Humane Society. Why add craziness to chaos one might ask? My answer is, the more the merrier, and they give me much more than I give them, such as, fleas......I never had fleas before they came into my life. ;o) My nephew cannot quite say "Petunia" so he calls her "Tuna" and hence her name has evolved into "Miss Fish". Moses also answers to "hairy ass, Go home bad dog and Satan". My poor Canines are going to have an identity crisis.
Did you know that a Golden retrievers tail is strong enough to lift a mini-dachshund, and that a mini-dachshunds jaws are strong enough to hold their entire weight while swinging back and forth? See now if you wouldn't have read my blog today you would still be in the dark about this subject. Thanks and praise humbly accepted.


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